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When Lifeline Plus Inc. was created in July 1983 as an Independent Brokerage General Agency, a commitment was made to offer a portfolio of top quality Life and Health Insurance products which do not duplicate or use similar coverage from multiple sources; we use insurance coverage from top rated reliable companies. The concept was and continues to be the elimination of a decision as to which company is owed the next piece of business. We readily admit that there may be comparable coverage out there, however we contend that there is one element that makes our choice the best and that is the value added by the Superior service provided by us. We have never set out to be a supermarket of insurance products - simply put we recognize we cannot be everything to everyone. Our goal is to resolve potential financial problems using insurance coverage found within our portfolio, chosen and designed on the basis of all that has been learned over the last 45 years.

When necessary we pursue new and additional venues. We exist online and are physically located in the greater New York City area, relying on superior communications and access to the best resources available in order to deliver financial peace of mind to clients currently found on 4 continents. Our goals are often accomplished and delivered with the assistance from a growing base of Professionals in the fields of Insurance and associated topics. We welcome any inquiries into joining our team from qualified individuals.

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