So who’s an Expatriate?

Most commonly the definition of an expatriate is someone over 18 years old who is currently living away from their home country or country of origin. The reasons for adopting such a lifestyle vary as do the locales. There are those to whom Culture and Lifestyle matter most and they often choose a foreign country’s Capital; it’s no surprise to find Berlin as the #1 spot, followed by Buenos Aires, but among the top choices you will also find London, New York and Paris. For those who are searching for a healthier lifestyle perhaps Sydney, Vancouver or Madrid might be the choice. It would not be rare, however, to find that after a period of time wanderlust might arise again, and a second, or third, or fourth location is sought. The worldwide Expat community is not a small one.

It was estimated that in 2017 the worldwide expat community had about 56-57 million people, and that number has been growing at a compound rate of 2.4%. The largest portion of them, some 73% or so are individual workers who either sustain their adventurous nature by working or are in the process of improving their financial future by gaining valuable foreign experience; the latter is a valuable commodity in the worldwide corporate hallways. There are countries that lack sufficient workers with specific skills and often these are imported. Of course there is also the rapidly growing Retiree component augmented increasingly by people who enjoy a better life on limited funds in another country.

All of these expats have many characteristics in common, and certainly most of them have similar needs, not the least being Medical Insurance. That is the purpose of this website, to provide access to one of the leading sources of international medical insurance coverage, comprehensive in scope while being affordably priced. These programs also offer the availability of a very large network of medical providers and top rated facilities.

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